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Synonyms for gesticulation

Synonyms for gesticulation

an expressive, meaningful bodily movement

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a deliberate and vigorous gesture or motion

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Such strange outcries and passionate gesticulations I never certainly heard or saw before.
Beside him sat Uvarov, who with rapid gesticulations was giving him some information, speaking in low tones as they all did.
It was the effect, unquestionably, of the mystic gesticulations by which he had sought to bring bodily before Phoebe's perception the figure of the mesmerizing carpenter.
Give my love to Lady Brandon, and Agatha, and the dear children; and thanks so much for a very pleasant--" Here the train moved off, and Sir Charles, melting, smiled and waved his hat until he caught sight of Trefusis looking back at him with a grin which seemed, under the circumstances, so Satanic, that he stopped as if petrified in the midst of his gesticulations, and stood with his arm out like a semaphore.
It is commonly supposed that they com- municated by sounds and tentacular gesticulations; this is asserted, for instance, in the able but hastily compiled pamphlet (written evidently by someone not an eye-witness of Martian actions) to which I have already alluded, and which, so far, has been the chief source of information con- cerning them.
When impeded in their progress, these people suddenly ceased muttering, but re-doubled their gesticulations, and awaited, with an absent and overdone smile upon the lips, the course of the persons impeding them.
Asked if he is apologetic for such gesticulation, Santos had quite the reply: 'Sorry ako?
We got frequent stammering, steepled brows, and contradictory gesticulation.
MANCHESTER -- Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was at pains on Sunday to dismiss suggestions that Mohammad Amir's agitated gesticulation after the defeat against India was a result of his frustration at his team mates.
Paul gave him a gesticulation. In the time it took him to reach the pavement the driver pulled up and shoved him in the back.
Those touches, according to James, are a kind of gesticulation that is seen among Windsor men but not with Prince Harry.
'Those Indians and Pakistanis who were born before the Partition should get visa on arrival at the borders,' it demanded and recommended an end to unwanted gesticulation both by India and Pakistan during flag-lowering ceremony at Wagah borders, replacing it with peaceful messages.
It says that flag ceremonies at Wagah Border by both countries with 'unwanted gesticulation' should end and be replaced by peaceful messages.
Thus, he thanked Kgosi Kgabosetso II and Moshupa residents for their gesture, adding, 'I understand that the gesticulation is not a tribal initiative, but simply a sign that I come from somewhere'.