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making gestures while speaking

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We approached a deeply interested crowd, and in the midst of it found a fellow wildly chattering and gesticulating over a box on the ground which was covered with a piece of old blanket.
Not least because, if he'd been a bit more gobby - even one per cent more confident in wanting to take people on and gesticulating when he scored - then I'm convinced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would be talking about building his team around him.
I wonder how many will have watched the clip of a shrill white woman gesticulating like a pantomime dame, only to turn off the screen with a sense of revulsion tempered by extreme embarrassment.
Gill appeared again, on the opposite side of the road and repeated the same foul language, gesticulating with his fingers.
The customers seem to be gesticulating a little more than usual, even taking into account the expressiveness of hand gestures.
They head towards the vehicle while pointing and gesticulating angrily.
A MAN was arrested following reports of a pedestrian on the M60 gesticulating at drivers and throwing street furniture around.
But he was fined PS22,000 after gesticulating at officials after his car was called to the weighbridge with the German then speeding off and breaking the scales.
He was captured on CCTV throwing two coins "in one action", before gesticulating towards Millwall fans, giving them the "V sign" and another offensive action.
During a recent interview at a cafe, he would often rise out of his chair, whirl around in a quick turn, and undulate his arms and wrists while gesticulating to express the ideas that his words could not.
A man explaining his possession of an air pistol to two others started gesticulating with his hand and caused the gun to fire a pellet which narrowly missed one of the other men.
But Conte, 47, refused to take him off and, when Costa realised he'd be staying on, he made his fury clear by gesticulating frantically towards his manager.
The Martin Lewis Money Show (ITV, Monday) saw him back for a new series, still gesticulating like a man you'd avoid at the bus stop but throwing out handy cash tips along with the rants and finger jabbing.
The machine, which has no legs, but has gently gesticulating hands appeared on a stage in a Tokyo suburb, cooing and humming.