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Alors que cette donnee reste souvent hors de portee de l'archeologue lorsqu'il s'agit d'objets mobiliers, la fixation des peintures sur la paroi nous offre l'opportunite de tenter une reconstitution du geste et de l'attitude posturale de l'individu en action.
Sylvie Bouissou's chapter, "Le 'livret' d'opera baroque: une source d'information pour le geste, la danse el la composition des ballets," discusses what the livret can tell us about a given ballet's composition: i.e., what is being represented and by whom.
prenez garde >>, dit-elle en levant un de ses doigts d'un air mysterieux a la hauteur de son nez, qu'elle effleura; puis, de l'autre main, elle fit un geste pour prendre le cordon de la sonnette.
She starts--unsurprisingly--with the Oxford version, focusing first on the geste [Francor] to which the poet and the characters refer and then on the embedded narratives that stud the text: narratives such as Ganelon's carefully duplicitous account of Roland and the apple or of his own visit to Marsile.
Part 2, "Texts and Contexts," is composed of four chapters in which the author deals with the prehistory of the romance epic in Italy and briefly points out the seminal impact that the Chanson de Roland and the chansons de geste had on Franco-Venetian and Franco-Tuscan cantari.
o Boo Geste Boo Boo likes to go wandering around her manor' in Pontprennau just like the Foreign Legion hero Bo Geste.
Alfred de Vigny: etapes et sens du geste litteraire.
Of his written work, three chansons de geste and a romance, all considered to be rather pallid and unoriginal, are preserved.
It was the jongleurs who sang the chansons de geste, fabliaux, and other romances and lyrics written by the trouveres, although sometimes a jongleur was also a trouvere: that is, he would be both poet and singer-musician.
Foreign entries cleaned up IRC Division o, with Wizard, Mascalzone Latino (Vincenzo Onorato) and Beau Geste taking the top three places--20 years after Kwok won the race overall with a smaller Beau Geste.