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a configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts

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Peak, and its employees, will be fully integrated into Gestalt and will become a key solution and service offering to both company's customers.
Gestalt is focusing on bringing digital pathology to laboratories.
In his postwar essay "The Question of Being," Heidegger reveals several inconsistencies in Junger's efforts to define key terms such as gestalt and type.
Inspired by the framework of Gestalt theory, we propose to apply visual rules to medical image analysis.
lhe gestalt must be closed before it can be fully perceived, and the temporal lapse spatialized.
Like the gestalt switch, it must occur all at once (though not necessarily in an instant) or not at all."
As of March 11, Gestalt Lucis' hospital bills totaled P130,000, excluding laboratory tests.
The solar installation and other enhancements are in large part related to a soon-to-be launched artisan furniture brand that will be manufactured at the facility - Gestalt Furniture.
Gestalt perceptual principles, that is, similarity, closure, continuity, and proximity of spatial/spectral properties of nodes, are employed to assemble smaller parts that are most likely to represent a coherent connected vessel-like pattern.
The article deals with a specific characteristic of English poetry--a flexible gestalt of a personified object or phenomenon--which arises from distinguishing features of the English language.
De um modo mais lato, entende-se que estrutura nao se delineia como um conceito unificado, mas como uma ideia que subjaz e produz influencias diversas em destacadas teorias das ciencias humanas, assim como em teorias do campo "psi" bastante distintas e divergentes como, por exemplo, a Epistemologia Genetica, a Psicologia da Gestalt ou Gestaltpsychologie e a Psicanalise Lacaniana.
Neu Gestalt - Inside The Rain Chamber THE sounds and mood of sci-fi epic Blade Runner permeate the third album by Edinburgh's Les Scott, or Neu Gestalt.
Although multiple methodologies (gestalt therapy, neurolinguistic programming, encounter groups and group therapy, psychodrama and more) are discussed, the role and value of hypnosis receives especial focus.