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a noun formed from a verb (such as the '-ing' form of an English verb when used as a noun)

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7) The terms full gerund and half gerund were introduced by Henry Sweet (1999: 121) and were adopted from this source by Duffley in his work The English Gerund-Participle (2006).
In the first place, most of the previous studies have simply provided a functional characterization and we argue that it is absolutely necessary to include a cognitive approach in the characterization of the English gerund and its counterparts (1).
In this section I would like to discuss how certain predicates select either an infinitive or a gerund or both, and if a predicate allows both of the forms, to show how the two forms can (or cannot) be differentiated in terms of interpretation.
In the sentence below, however, the first phrase is a gerund, the verb + -ing, while the second is an infinitive, to + verb.
How else can we explain--much less teach the grammatical beauty in--a seemingly everyday sentence containing a transitive verb with a transitive gerund phrase as its object: "I love hitting the ball.
Ernest Hemingway has a tendency to use the gerund in the same functions as Joan.
The treatment of this construction (NP and an -ing form) as two different constituents implies that the -ing form functions as a participle, that is the NP is the direct object of the main verb and the -ing form is an adjunct depictive of the NP; whereas the interpretation of this construction as a single unit would involve an -ing functioning as a gerund, the construction "NP+ -ing" as a unit functions as direct object of the main verb.
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The American Heritage Book of English Usage (Houghton Mifflin, 1996) opines, "Some people insist that when a gerund is preceded by a noun or pronoun, the noun or pronoun must be in the possessive case.
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