malpighian layer

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the innermost layer of the epidermis

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The operation has two steps: (i) removal of the germinative layer; and (ii) management of the residual pulmonary cavity.
The tubular epithelium is made up of four well-defined layers: a) a germinative layer where cell division occurs and consisting of one or two strata of flat or cuboidal cells with a basophilic cytoplasm and dark nucleus, b) an intermediate layer consisting of 1-5 strata of polygonal cells with a basophilic cytoplasm, c) a secretory layer formed by 1-10 layers of voluminous polygonal cells with secretory granules and, d) a degenerative layer characterized by cells with pycnotic nuclei and keratohyaline granules in the cytoplasm.
In contrast with the inert stratum corneum, the keratinocytes in the underlying germinative layer have been shown to be highly active metabolically [16].
During embryonic development, a mutation may be assumed to take place, affecting all three germinative layers and resulting in developmental anomalies of these layers, primarily of the ectoderm.