germ warfare

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the use of harmful bacteria as a weapon

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But however convincing he has found these accounts, Mori knows that testimony from North Korean citizens will not be enough to convince a sceptical world that the US used germ warfare in Korea.
Top Secret Tourism: Your Travel Guide to Germ Warfare Laboratories, Clandestine Aircraft Bases, and Other Places in the United States You're Not Supposed to Know About is a one-of-a-kind travel and tourist guide.
Vignettes of what American life used to be like and the events that forever transformed it--from the civil rights boycott that began with Rosa Parks' refusal to be discriminated against, to breakthrough advances in germ warfare, to the revelation that women's orgasms came from clitoral rather than vaginal stimulation, to the inception of the Internet.
The defunct Imperial Japanese Army's germ warfare unit planned to stage germ attacks against U.
SCIENTISTS who carried out experiments on people at a government germ warfare centre will not face charges.
in southern China has released documentary videos on the Nanjing Massacre of 1937, the Japanese-operated Unit 731 germ warfare factory in Harbin and the Xian incident in 1936, when the ruling Nationalist Party and the insurgent Communist Party joined forces against Japan.
Previous UFO researchers said they were contacted by soldiers claiming they removed "bodies" to Porton Down, the top-secret MoD germ warfare laboratory.
One wonders whether they might have fared better against Saddam's germ warfare.
After narrating a 20th century atmosphere filled with germ warfare, radioactive pollution, smog and global warming, hope is about all we have left.
But the American authorities in Iraq moved swiftly to say that the former germ warfare specialist, who is in their custody, would not be freed.
One of these sources, described by Tenet as having "direct access to Saddam and his inner circle," said Iraq did not have nukes and was ineffectively "dabbling" in germ warfare, but was stockpiling chemical weapons and had mobile missiles armed with chemical warheads that could be fired at Israel.
DR David Kelly was a "superb" scientist whose work helped uncover Saddam Hussein's secret germ warfare programme, the inquiry into the death of the government weapons expert heard today.
A US defence official says in Washington that US forces in Baghdad have taken into custody Dr Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash, a 49-year-old US-educated microbiologist dubbed "Mrs Anthrax" who was active in germ warfare development under Saddam Hussein's government.
IRAQ'S top germ warfare expert 'Chemical Sally' and Saddam's oil minister both have links with Birmingham University, the Sunday Mercury can reveal today.