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a specialist in gerontology

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In the UK, collaboration between adult diabetologists and geriatricians is evolving, led by the Diabetes Special Interest Group of the British Geriatrics Society, as general physicians now recognize the special skills of geriatricians in assessing and managing elderly patients whose diabetes is associated with cognitive impairment, age-associated disability and co-morbidity.
The geriatrician is well accustomed to compiling a differential diagnosis from non-specific and puzzling presentations.
Your Medicare plan can confirm if there are any geriatricians in your area, but don't despair if there isn't one.
This exclusion means that geriatricians often don't have the necessary information to provide their patients with the best treatments and have to rely on guesswork instead.
Dr Soha Abdelaziz, geriatrician at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) primary care sector, said during its weekly Twitter clinic: "People need to understand the concept of active ageing.
Peter DeGolia, geriatrician at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland.
Coleman, a geriatrician at Maine Medical Center in Portland and a member of the palliative care team at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.
* The United States currently has 7,356 geriatricians--one geriatrician for every 2,551 Americans 75 or older.
In this expanded edition, Blundell (consultant geriatrician, Nottingham U.
Wilner, a geriatrician and medical director of Summit ElderCare, a program of Worcester insurer Fallon Community Health Plan.
The data isn't all that good that it makes much difference, but it's worth a try," according to the geriatrician.
A family physician, a pediatrician, and a geriatrician are the new leaders of the U.S.
Dr Debbie Lowe, consultant stroke physician and geriatrician at the trust, said: "These excellent results are a tribute to all our staff who work incredibly hard to deliver the best care and treatment for our patients."
* DIANE MEIER (Ithaca College), a geriatrician whose work, at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, focuses on improving palliative care for the seriously ill.
Bernard, M.D., a noted geriatrician and educator from the University of Oklahoma, has been named deputy director of the National Institute on Aging (NIA), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), effective Oct.
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