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What is the name of that geranium on the window-sill, please?"
But where on earth is the sense of naming a geranium?"
Then she recrossed the floor and lifted two of the geranium pots in her arms, moving them away from the cold window.
A winding drive led up between iron stags and blue glass balls embedded in mounds of geraniums to a front door of highly-varnished walnut under a striped verandah-roof; and behind it ran a narrow hall with a black and yellow star-patterned parquet floor, upon which opened four small square rooms with heavy flock-papers under ceilings on which an Italian house-painter had lavished all the divinities of Olympus.
The turf was hemmed with an edge of scarlet geranium and coleus, and cast-iron vases painted in chocolate colour, standing at intervals along the winding path that led to the sea, looped their garlands of petunia and ivy geranium above the neatly raked gravel.
He wore a silk hat and a frock coat, the lapel of which was adorned with a white geranium surrounded by leaves.
Each of these pretty homes had a garden in front fenced with white palings and opulently stocked with hollyhocks, marigolds, touch-me-nots, prince's-feathers, and other old-fashioned flowers; while on the windowsills of the houses stood wooden boxes containing moss rose plants and terra-cotta pots in which grew a breed of geranium whose spread of intensely red blossoms accented the prevailing pink tint of the rose-clad house-front like an explosion of flame.
But it came out, through my admiring a very fine cluster of geranium--beautiful cluster of geranium to be sure--which he had brought from his conservatory.
The girl held a geranium leaf up to her nose and said nothing, but looked knowing and noncommittal.
Nay, the acute observer might have recognized the little red nose of good-natured Miss Jemima Pinkerton herself, rising over some geranium pots in the window of that lady's own drawing-room.
That was the final straw for Alan, who planted the geraniums in memory of a neighbour who died recently.
PELARGONIUMS ARE NOT GERANIUMS Pelargoniums are commonly known as geraniums, but this is wrong as true geraniums are hardy, herbaceous plants which are often used as fillers in borders come June, when the perennial cranesbill geraniums act as terrific ground cover and provide great colour.
The naming problem occurred in the 17th century when the first pelargoniums were brought to Europe and were called geraniums, due to their similarity to the perennial plant, and so the name geranium stuck.
HARDY geraniums are a staple in many gardens - they come in all shapes and sizes, and they're suitable for many situations.
GERANIUM MRS KENDALL CLARK Hardy geraniums are a staple in many gardens - they come in all shapes and sizes, and they're suitable for many situations.