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an orienting response to gravity

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The germination (radicle protrusion followed by geotropic curvature) was recorded every 12h, and after each count, the germinated seeds were discarded and the glass tubes were placed randomly in the respective thermal station.
In posterior canal BPPV there is usually a brief latency, followed by a geotropic (beating towards the ground) verticalrotatory nystagmus lasting less than 60 seconds.
Seeds were recorded as germinated when the radicle reached [greater than or equal] 1 mm or exhibited geotropic bending (Pendleton and Meyer, 2004).
This is called a negative geotropic response--compared of course to "normal" root responses to gravity, as in terrestrials, which is called positive geotropism.
Botanically speaking, roots are phototropic and geotropic or, in other words, they naturally grow away from the light, vertically downwards.
It has been observed more than once that the whole of human history proves to be rooted in the earth, but it is Americans who are believed to be peculiarly Antaean, or geotropic, they expect daily to be shown tangible matter so that they might come directly into contact with it: "the solid earth!
The Array for Real-Time Geotropic Oceanography (ARGO), consisting of approximately 3000 free-drifting floats that will measure the temperature and salinity profile of the top 2000 m of the ocean, is a very interesting concept.
To help increase your crop, earth up the soil around the young stems as this will encourage more geotropic (attracted to earth) shoots.
There were several roots that had short segments with deviations as great as 100 [degrees] as they grew around small obstacles (usually near the depth of planting), but this feature was not recorded if the root had resumed its geotropic growth at the bottom of the depth interval under consideration.
Unique Characteristics: Gives characteristics that are unique to the material, such as fragrance, airdrying capabilities, distinctive form, geotropic or phototropic properties, and toxicity.
Snapdragons are geotropic (bend upright away from gravity); store or arrange in a vertical position to prevent curvature.