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the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the state

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Additionally, for brevity and focus, only the classical versions of realism and geopolitics will be examined, leaving aside the neo-realist and structural varieties of realism and the critical varieties of geopolitics.
"Whether markets will bounce back tomorrow is tricky to forecast as the issue is mainly geopolitics. But if one assumes things to not escalate from here, then it can be a good time to slowly build up position in the quality names that are cheaper post this sell-off," Nishit Lakhotia, head of Research, SICO Bank said.
For more insights on how the next exciting transition might be affected by geopolitics, let's turn to the papers in this volume.
09-11 in tandem with sixth International Maritime Exercise AMAN 2019, brought together eminent speakers and delegates from across the globe for in-depth discussions and deliberations on changing dynamics of geopolitics and analyse the impact of these changes on IORs economic exploitation and maritime security canvas.The conference was attended by a large number of dignitaries from across the globe, tri-services officers, academia, foreign and local media representatives and researchers from local and international think-tanks.
Keywords: Post Cold War, Russia, NATO, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Geopolitics
Discussing geopolitics of South Asia and interests of Russia, Leonid Savin, Founder and Chief Editor of Journal of Eurasian Affairs, Russia, argued that since Pakistan has taken a position of sovereignty and denied its critics in Washington, it has aroused considerable interest from Russia as an emergent power.
Speaking at the event on the evolving geopolitics and the challenges of the Indo-Pacific Region in the capital, Rawat said that the strategic power balance in the Indo-Pacific is dynamic and will continue to remain so in the near future.
The programme also deals with relations with world powers including the US, Russia, the EU and China.In addition, it reviews the geopolitics of natural gas and global economic policy.
The approach it has brought to bear in the work is called "critical geopolitics" (p.vii).
Journalist Ljupco Popovski in Nezavisen vesnik comments that it is naive to think that the sensational decision by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, that it has the right to give autocephality to churches, without the Agreement of other churches, has no effect on geopolitics but only wants to manifest the power of Patriarch Bartholomew in relation to his rivals.
It is easy to think that geopolitics is preoccupied with the immediate and even the future.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should "not be in that mighty post" in government if he fails to understand global geopolitics and the security threats in this "troubled world," President Duterte said last Tuesday night.
How do maps affect geopolitics? Try to imagine how different Philippine history and its present state of politics would be if this archipelago was located in the South Pacific or the Indian Ocean and not on the border of the South China Sea.
The perspective that Toal adds to the literature is that of critical geopolitics, through which the author aims to present the main reasons behind the corrosion of relations between Russia and the United States under the Putin Administration.