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the branch of geology that studies the characteristics and configuration and evolution of rocks and land forms

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He was the first Canadian to be recognized as an honorary fellow by the International Association of Geomorphologists (1993).
Geomorphologists will continue to survey the landscape, watching as new channels and sandbars form in a river still in flux.
Why don't they put their geologists, geomorphologists, engineers etc to practical local use for the sake of their town?
These totemic and historic maps accommodate changing architectures of the lake, as cast by geomorphologists, with flexible skeins of changing settlement, mobility and Dreaming tracks.
Geomorphologists have also mapped delta-like deposits at the termini of valleys and found that most cluster at a common elevation--a sign that they all emptied into a single ocean.
Agricultural and biological engineers commonly partner with geomorphologists, civil engineers, biologists, soil scientists, and natural resource managers.
As a result of the large differences (recorded) in the electrical resistivity of the distinctive minerals, rock and materials which compose the landforms, geomorphologists are able to recognize the subsurface layers since they already know the specific resistivity values for each type of material.
During the last decade, geomorphologists' interest was oriented towards listing and evaluating geosites for their future touristic utilisation.
Denmark is rich but boring and its main claim to fame is that it is a peninsula which goes from south to north which is a great puzzle to geomorphologists as almost every other peninsula on the planet runs north to south.
In many disciplines, geomorphologists rely on low-resolution, frequently-updated field monitoring, such as repeat photography (e.g.
Classic geomorphic studies aiming at the reconstruction of long-term landform development in the Polish Carpathians have been a favourite topic of numerous geomorphologists and some geologists for nearly a century.
Finally, with a good, pre-existing chronology, beach ridge plains like this are very suitable for a wide range of subsequent investigations, illustrating the potential of collaboration between soil geomorphologists, Quaternary geologists, and other geomorphologists in order to provide chronologies for geomorphic surfaces like this, with possible spin-off projects in other disciplines.