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a mathematician specializing in geometry


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Geometer Egon Schulte of Northeastern University in Boston agrees.
At one point he tells a hilarious story involving the portrait of George Washington; and in another memorable scene, while talking with an engineer, Lincoln cogently discusses the ideas of Euclid, the Greek geometer who wrote of equality in the sphere of mathematics.
Kusner is a geometer, an expert in the analysis of variational problems in low-dimensional geometry and topology, which concerns properties preserved under continuous deformation such as stretching and bending.
These are named after the 19th century Swiss geometer Steiner, though they had in fact been discovered earlier by the English mathematician Kirkman.
Thomas Festa takes up two contrasting but related representations of God drawn from scripture and operative in Paradise Lost: that of the divine architect (a representation connected to God's omniscience and related to the logical process of induction) and that of the divine geometer (a representation connected to God's omnipotence and related to the logical process of deduction).
Janet was not only an accomplished mathematician and geometer, but was exceptional among intellectual women of the early 19th century; a successful woman in a man''s world, she also wrote several important works on nautical astronomy and designed a few novel variants of the sextant.
He begins the book with the horrific experience of an ill-fated geometer in the 1740 expedition of the Cassini map project.
He takes journalist Christopher Hitchens in particular to task for holding "that believers think of the Creator as a simple-minded Geometer .
perceptible lines are not those of which the geometer speaks (for nothing perceptible is straight or round in this way--the circle does not touch a straight-edge at a point, but as Protagoras said it did in refuting the geometers.
His case could have been strengthened further by reference to Wisdom 11:21, one of the most frequently cited biblical verses of the Middle Ages, which describes God has having ordered all things "according to measure, number, weight"--a conception that gave rise to Augustine's conception of God as a great geometer.
What a sweep of experience is offered the reader in these few lines--we find ourselves on a moored ship, on a horse crossing a river, we splash through city streets, wonder at the starry skies, eye perspective as a geometer or draftsman, roam the landscape of dreams.
The mathematical history of these shapes goes back to Euclid, the great Greek geometer of the Third Century BC.
de Cortenbergh 168-170) by Geometer Europas (the German association of Publicly Appointed Surveyors).
Indeed, there is the argument put by Alfred North Whitehead, the philosopher, that modern science was invented once and only once, in the West (and not in China where technology was much more advanced) because of the propensity of Western thinkers to believe that God, although laying down very complex laws, was a reasonable, mathematically-inclined geometer.