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the time of the physical formation and development of the earth (especially prior to human history)

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The ability to understand the detailed construction of mineral belts in their palaeo-geographic context throughout geological time can highlight areas that are forming along trends to known mineral deposits, and therefore also high-grade areas with a higher exploration potential, and can reduce geological and financial risks.
the ability to click on the geological time period within a fossil description and go straight to it, but on reflection I decided that this would probably only result in the user getting lost.
Scientists in several geological societies suggest that the impact of the human species has been so profound on our planet--our atmosphere, lands, and water--that a new age in the Geological Time Scale of Earth should be defined.
The area the rover will be exploring, with its large areas of exposed rock and variety of landforms, will take us on a journey through geological time.
The geological time scale shows how the Earth has changed considerably during many different periods of its history - even Shakespeare lived through a period known as The Little Ice Age.
Concepts of geological time and slow change begin to develop.
In his classic Reliquiae Diluvianae (1823), Buckland suggested a kind of Old Earth Creationism, Yes, Genesis recorded the story of Creation, but vast periods of geological time separated that original event from the establishment of the current human order.
The slow erosion of the chalk also speaks to a kind of geological time, in which classroom boredom IS measured not in minutes but what can feel like decades or even millennia, as a student imagines a chalkboard covered in data gradually becoming a mess of illegibility.
Evidence of abrupt change -- on a geological time scale -- wrought by human hands would seem to be overwhelming.
Formed millions of years ago, these geological time capsules continue to draw us in.
This geological time chart reveals the layers and the sequence of fossil history.
Chapters are provided on crystals, minerals, and gemstones; volcanoes and melted rock; processes of landscape formation; mud, sand, and other deposits; continental drift and mountain formation; earthquakes and faults; rock deformation; geological time and the age of the earth; fossils; the periodization of earth history; and geology and industry.
In two of these, the author surveys the contours of mechanical time and deep geological time, while the other two chapters examine the ways in which intellectuals deployed these temporal modes in creating their visions for the nation.
Key Words: Evolutionary time; deep time; teaching large numbers; geological time.
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