geologic time

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the time of the physical formation and development of the earth (especially prior to human history)

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In geologic time, you can fall in love, and that love, like all the volcanoes in the world, can be just there for thousands and millions of years.
The goal of the geologic time scale is to label and formalize discrete phases in Earth's stratigraphic record as a tool for geologists and other scientists.
She reminds readers that the acceleration of time brought by steam and cable occurred against the backdrop of the expansion of the time scale, but she gives geologic time very little attention.
Answering the second question would hit another wall of logic: Can political independence come forth completely formed (like Athena from the brow of Zeus) on a specific date, or is political independence an evolutionary experience, more like geologic time as expressed in eras that gradually slide into each other in a jagged, wavering line?
The correlated geologic time lines created through the HorizonCube and OpendTect 5.
The results give scientists a clearer picture of how to reconstruct glacial response to climate change from as far back as when the glaciers were first formed many hundreds of thousands of years ago in the Quaternary Period, a geologic time period that includes the ice ages and extends to present day.
As interpreters, we hope to make geologic time feel like an afternoon's jaunt, raise sludgy swamp molecules to the sparkling light of day, understand a mighty redwood tree as one would a family member, and yes, bring the sky down to earth.
The book opens with an explanation of geologic time and plate tectonics.
The Anthropocene folds geologic time into human corporeality, refocusing attention on the temporality of inhuman forces within the subject: on epoch being, on thresholds in evolution and extinction, and on a new humanity that is defined through the end of the Holocene.
If Barba's view is empathetic rather than fatalistic, there is a suggestion, however subtle, that any human crisis is a mere blip when measured against the backdrop of geologic time.
This means nontoxic, renewable feedstocks, a manufacturing process that yields little or no waste, and a final plastic that, when discarded, degrades into harmless products on a human rather than a geologic time scale.
2] is naturally removed from the atmosphere over geologic time.
Pavane, dancing gravely by in geologic time, Her eyes closed, her lips
A chapter also reviews the geologic time scales of the Moon and nearby planets.
Then, as my group makes its way down, the color of the rock changes and we're passing through layer after layer of geologic time.