geologic time

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the time of the physical formation and development of the earth (especially prior to human history)

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Interpreted along the timeline are Grand Canyon rocks, wayside exhibits, and viewing tubes that relate Grand Canyon's history and landscape to geologic time.
Little asymmetric whatsits from Australia maybe the oldest fossils of full-fledged animal bodies yet discovered, beating the previous contenders by tens of millions of years and pushing body-fossil evidence for animal life to an earlier geologic time.
If confirmed, the findings would be the first evidence of metabolism remaining active over geologic time scales.
Over the last quarter-century, not even an instant in geologic time, there has been a marked change in the eruptions, noted by an unblinking infrared eye that is mounted on the visitors center and watches the geyser's silica cone 24 hours a day.
With more than 100,000 square feet of permanent and changing exhibits examining the dawn of geologic time, the Native American experience, the colonial and revolutionary era, a pivotal Civil War battleground, and the commonwealth's vast industrial age, The State Museum demonstrates that Pennsylvania's story is America's story.
After early Mars scientists decided Hesperia Planum looked like a lava-filled plain, no one really revisited the matter and the place was used to exemplify something rather important: The base of a major transitional period in the geologic time scale of Mars, she stated.
Such areas, especially in layers 40 Km thick, probably wouldn't have been as stable over geologic time as ultralow-density zones seem to have been.
Some species in the group gained additional neck length over geologic time both by growing more bones in their neck and by lengthening the individual vertebrae, he notes.
Over recent geologic time, as the lunar interior cooled and contracted the entire moon shrank by about 100 m.
In 19 highly illustrated chapters, the main themes of plate tectonics, geologic time, and evolutionary theory unify more specific discussions of fossils and the dynamic characteristics of life and geology throughout Earth's different ages, among other topics.
Coverage encompasses the Earth's materials, earthquakes and the Earth's interior, surface processes, geologic time, fossils and evolution, the origin of the universe, and the geologic history of the Earth.
But Inez Fung, director of the Berkeley Atmospheric Science Center, reminds us, "In geologic time, 'abrupt' could mean decades to centuries.
In this timely exhibition, MoMA curator Paulo Herkenhoff explores the gamut of temporal categories as they are reflected in contemporary art, including geologic time, history, personal memory, metabolism, experience, and duration.
In fact, my life - like geologic time - can be divided into four Turkey Bowl eras: the Youth Era, the Macho Era, the Family Era and the Pathetic Era.
It's generally accepted that the ozone layer has fluctuated throughout geologic time - that is sometimes it gets thinner, sometimes it gets thicker.