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For example, a 6D view of a small part of an electrical system (organization of the concept is described with geographic points [P1.
From a geographic point of view, the Midlands is the centre of the dartboard.
For example, almost everyone involved in or using geocoding today would agree that turning a postal address into a geographic point is most certainly included in the set of geocoding operations.
So although Sharon considered the annexation of the West Bank and Gaza appealing from a geographic point of view, he joined the vast majority of Israeli Jews who feel threatened by the fact that already today the majority of people living between the Jordan Valley and the Mediterranean Sea are not Jewish.
From a geographic point of view, the acquisition gives Hannaford a presence in new, contiguous markets.
At a preselected geographic point on the ground, the Skyraiders pulled up in fanlike fashion, climbing steeply and losing airspeed but gathering altitude to 5,000 feet, from which they dove down on the buildings.
The Jan/Feb 2001 editorial ("Israel and Palestine") viewed the seemingly insoluble conflict between Arab and Jew in the Holy Land from the geographic point of view: is the land conquered by Israel in 1967 "occupied territory" which must be returned as the United Nations says it must; or is it a legitimate conquest (of the old biblical lands) which must remain part of the new state of Israel founded in 1948?
From a geographic point of view, 34 states and the District of Columbia were covered in the Heritage and Preservation division, and 37 states along with D.
EvoLux has harmonized an inventory of 30+ helicopters that vary in size, mission capability, and geographic point of origin with an operating space ranging from Orlando to the Keys, and Naples to the Bahamas.
McAllen Data Center offers colocation services for carriers and enterprises in McAllen, Texas, a strategic geographic point located just 10 miles from the U.
Board on Geographic Names has approved a proposal by Jon Waskiewicz, Turner Lane, East Templeton, to name the fourth highest geographic point in Templeton Demadale Ridge.
Confounding definite assignment of a geographic point of origin, the 1918 pandemic spread more or less simultaneously in 3 distinct waves during an [approximately equal to] 12-month period in 1918-1919, in Europe, Asia, and North America (the first wave was best described in the United States in March 1918).
The name is a description of four huge states converging at one geographic point.
And Alaska, given its pivotal geographic point at the top of the world and between primary continental waypoints, is a key player in the global cargo network that keeps it all spinning.
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