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(mineralogy) a hollow rock or nodule with the cavity usually lined with crystals

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The fragile nature of this material may lead to its partial destruction when the geode is cracked open with a hammer.
The AMD Geode GX 533@1.1W and GX 466@.9W processors help enable the Wyse Winterm S class devices deliver more than three times the processing performance of predecessors with lower power usage and cooler operation within a diminutive, fanless form factor.
Geode also raises legal objections on the basis of the constitutionally guaranteed right of ownership.
The Geode will be used in at least one of the set-top boxes that AOL will roll out.
Technology-based performance materials company Ferro Corporation (NYSE:FOE) announced on Friday that its Performance Pigments and Colors business has hiked its prices for its Geode product line between the range of 7% and 10%, effective 1 April 2011.
According to Wyse, the AMD Geode processor is built on AMD's x86 architecture and facilitates implementation, application support, and peripheral support for Linux thin clients.
A task force of producers, transporters, traders, shippers, suppliers, distributing companies and end users (represented on the task force through OGP, GTE, EFET, Eurogas, GEODE, EURELECTRIC and the Edigas group) will constitute the initial Board.
National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM) has launched the first in a series of 8-bit COP8FLASH microcontrollers with a menu of special features optimized for the design of web-driven appliances, including the National(R) Geode WebPAD reference platform.
National Semiconductor Inc is claiming an integration breakthrough with its new Geode SC1400 chip.
It is coupled with the AMD Geode LX800 processor with its AMD Geode CS5536 companion chipset.
Under the terms of the agreement both companies will work together to combine Advantech's x86-based customer development platform and System on Module solution with the AMD Geode GX2 processor.
GEODE, which represents local gas and electricity distributors in Europe, is calling for market deregulation on the basis of real and effective competitive conditions.
AMD has announced its AMD Geode GX Single Board Computer Reference Design Kit (AMD Geode GX SBC RDK), an adaptable design that addresses embedded devices such as network appliances, kiosks, point-of-sale terminals and corporate clients.
AMD will also obtain selected intellectual property assets from National Semiconductor including the Geode family of microprocessor products.
The AMD Geode LX 800 processor family offers desirable performance and power versatility in an x86-based embedded processor and operates at a maximum power of 3.9W and 1.8W typical at 500 MHz.