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the chemistry of the earth's crust

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It intersected the target horizon within 15m of the predicted target depth and contains several geochemically anomalous intervals.
Walters says, "We have found many veins on our original Toruel property that display strong characteristics of high level epithermal mineralization, including being distinctly geochemically anomalous in gold mineralization, that are of substantial width and exceed a kilometer in length I am highly confident our geologists will find more of the same on this new ground once we begin a systematic exploration program.
An IP (Induced Polarisation) geophysical survey is currently being carried out by Zonge Engineering of Tucson over two large, strongly altered and geochemically anomalous lithocaps on the Jaguey claims (skarn / porphyry target).
PU-RC-94 returned geochemically anomalous values of As, Sb, Cu and Mo, related to a hydrothermal brecciation with quartz, tourmaline, chalcocite and molybdenite, typical of a porphyry system.
Geochemically these rocks are sub-alkaline, granitic to alkali granitic in composition.
The stiff diagrams (Figure 3) and the data (Table 4) indicate that the three clusters are geochemically independent groups.
Preliminary analysis suggests that the beads appear to be geochemically analogous to the Ratanpur, India source.
In May, for instance, Walker's team reported that it had used siderophile elements to identify geochemically primitive lavas in Canada's Baffin Bay and in the South Pacific (SN: 6/11/16, p.
Strontium is geochemically similar to the important bioelement calcium (Ca), meaning that Sr stable isotopes can be used as a traceability index in environmental and ecosystem studies.
Archaeal and bacterial communities in geochemically diverse hot springs of Yellowstone National Park, USA.
As already stated, geochemically the studied granodiorite has much in common with the Pilsotas granitoids of the Kursiai intrusion and even some rocks within the Riga batholith (Table 1).
The findings from the new XRS data will be incorporated into complementary datasets in order to generate increasingly better detailed maps of Mercury's geochemically and geologically varied surface.
You can layer quite reactive tailings in a very safe environment that is geotechnically and geochemically stable," Palkovits said.
The lateritic and bauxitic horizons of many parts of Iran have been mineralogically, geochemically, and genetically investigated by various workers (Esmaeily et al.
The significance of a geochemically isolated intracrystalline organic fraction within biominerals.