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protozoa having four membranous ciliary organelles

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The comparison of SS rRNA gene sequence of Tetrahymena 1.7 with other species of genus Tetrahymena showed that the gene was highly conserved with the exception of few intragenic semi-conserved regions which are helpful in establishing the phylogenetic relationships among different members of genus Tetrahymena.
(1986) using molecular markers worked on the phylogenetic relationships among members of genus Tetrahymena. They are separated into two major groups i.e.
Phylogenetic relationships within the genus Tetrahymena inferred from the cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 and the small subunit ribosomal RNA genes.
Barcoding ciliates: a comprehensive study of 75 isolates of the genus Tetrahymena. Int.
(2001) supported the actuality that parallel evolution of histophagy is present from a bacteriovorous ancestor within the genus Tetrahymena.
In the present study the SS rDNA of a new copper resistant isolate (tentatively identified as a member of the genus Tetrahymena on microscopic observation) Tetrahymena RT-1 is being compared and phylogenetic analysis is being done with other species of the genus.
Generally only T - A, A - T and G - T transversions were observed among the genus Tetrahymena but certain specific transversions (A - C, C - A and G - C) were also observed when sequence of Tetrahymena RT-1 was compared with the sequences of other species of the genus.
On the basis of the results of this study Tetrahymena RT-1 is suggested to be a new subspecies of Tetrahymena tropicalis and named Tetrahymena General mutations within the genus Tetrahymena are highlighted.