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oxyphyllus was the dominant plant present on all farms with mix infestation of plants from the genus Senecio. This species is also present in Rio Grande do Sul (KARAM et al., 2004).
The genus Senecio (Family Asteraceae; Tribe Senecioneae) is one of the richest in species among the angiosperms with more than 1500 species of aromatic herbs and shrubby plants native to southern Europe, but now spread all over the world (Nordenstam, 1977).
Nearly 1/3 of the endemic Asteraceae belong to the genus Senecio with 39 endemic species in the study region--twice as many species as the second most common genera Lobivia Britton & Rose (Cactaceae), Nototriche (Malvaceae), and Solanum L.
* Riddelliine, a botanical not used in the United States but found in certain plants of the genus Senecio (i.e., ragwort and groundsel) that are used in other countries in herbal medicines, teas, honey, or products made from animals that have fed on the plants