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Our exercise makes use of research that documented differences in tree squirrel (genus Sciurus) foraging in response to acorn characteristics (Steele et al., 2001; Steele & Smallwood, 2002; Steele, 2008).
chaffeensis-positive blood meals associated with the Sciurus and Leporidae probes suggests that members of the genus Sciurus (likely fox and gray squirrels, S.
Squirrels of the genus Sciurus, the primary prey of adult C.
Communal nesting, the occurrence of multiple individuals of the same species in the same nest, has been documented frequently in tree squirrels of the genus Sciurus (Halloran and Bekoff, 1994; Koprowski, 1996; Lema et al., 1999; Thorington and Ferrel, 2006; Edelman and Koprowski, 2007) and in flying squirrels of the genus Glaucomys (weigl and osgood, 1974; Layne and Raymond, 1994; Reynolds et al., 2009).