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In this study, variation in consumption quantities by items was also observed between wet and dry seasons, similarly to other locations and other species of genus Sceloporus (S.
Sexual size differences in the genus Sceloporus. University of Kansas Science Bulletin 51:441-461.
Numeric analysis of the lizard genus Sceloporus with special reference to cranial osteology.
Three different species in the genus Sceloporus that previous studies (Smith 1939; Larsen and Tanner 1975; Wiens and Reeder, in press) suggested to be closely related to the scalaris group were originally chosen as outgroups: S.
Evolution of viviparity in the lizard genus Sceloporus. Herpetologica 36:201-215.
An annotated list of the species-group names applied to the lizard genus Sceloporus. Acta Zoologica Mexicana (n.
The known distribution in 1998 of the members of the undulatus group of the lizard genus Sceloporus in Chihuahua, Mexico.
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Sexual size differences in the genus Sceloporus. University ofKansas Science Bulletin, 51:441-461.
Aggregation behavior (nocturnal and diurnal) has been well documented for lizards (Cooper et al., 1985; Cooper and Garstka, 1987; Shah et al., 2003; Hare and Hoare, 2005), and Randall and Stroud (1980) documented such behavior for the genus Sceloporus (S.
Genetic variation, species status and phylogenetic relationships in Rose-Bellied lizards (Variabilis group) of the genus Sceloporus (Squamata:Phrynosomatidae).
Comparative population cytogenetics, speciation, and evolution in the iguanid lizard genus Sceloporus. Ph.D.
The genus Sceloporus contains 80 species (Sites et al., 1992) and has a wide latitudinal and elevational distribution from western Panama in Central America to Washington in the United States (Andrews, 1998).
The lizard genus Sceloporus is endemic to North America (Sites et al., 1992) and includes 13 species in the torquatus group (Wiens and Reeder, 1997) .