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Out of 98 root tips isolated from genus Salix 54 were found ectomycorrhizal; and 28 were found in association with S.
The presence of phydroxybenzoic, vanillic, cinnamic, p-coumaric, ferulic and caffeic acids was reported in the genus Salix [1,25].
Eojkowska, "Chromatographic analysis of simple phenols in some species from the genus salix," Phytochemical Analysis, vol.
Molecular phylogeny of the genus Salix (Salicaceae) with an emphasize to its species in Iran.
5 What is the common name of the trees in the genus Salix?
The particular focus is on the genus Salix and large Polygonaceae family.
In an earlier study (1998) I was able to show that 15 foliar characters submitted to different uni- and multivariate analyses enabled the discrimination of both extant and fossil species of the genus Salix even though all of these species have very similar leaf-blade forms.