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As reported in the literature, plants of the genus Rubus contain tannins, flavonoids, and phenol carboxylic acids, which have a wide spectrum of pharmacological activities.
He et al., "Chemical constituents and biological activities of plants from the genus Rubus," Chemistry & Biodiversity, vol.
Another plus is that the genus Rubus includes subgeneric and sectional keys using a combination of primocanes and floricanes as well as inflorescence characters.
The second grow as composite drupelets, and include members of the genus Rubus, such as blackberry, raspberry and dewberry.
A new Crinivirus, Blackberry Yellow Vein associated Virus (BYVaV), has been reported from blackberry cultivars (Genus Rubus) growing in the southern and southeastern USA.
Plants in the genus Rubus, including blackberries and red raspberries (R.