genus Rhizobium

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the type genus of Rhizobiaceae

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(2014) observed greater growth of rice through the action of different species of rhizobacteria, including those of the genus Rhizobium.
The potential of genus Rhizobium as a phosphate solubilizing bacterium has been previously described using sources as hydroxyapatite, FeP[O.sub.4], AlP[O.sub.4] and [Ca.sub.3][(P[O.sub.4]).sub.2] (Sridevi and Mallaiah, 2009).
To induce nodulation on their leguminous hosts, the members of the genus Rhizobium probably must grow in the rhizosphere as well as at the site on the root hair where invasion of the plant begins.
Aimed at boosting natural sources of nitrogen in agricultural systems, a new project aims to decipher the genetic code of 100 bacterial strains from the genus Rhizobium.
Most naturally occurring reactive nitrogen comes from nitrogen fixation by bacteria, including cyanobacteria and specialized bacteria such as those in the genus Rhizobium, which most often live symbiotically in plants such as peas, beans, and alfalfa.
The bacterium, tentatively named Photorhizobium thompsonum, belongs to the genus Rhizobium, whose members form nofules or swellings on the roots of leguminous plants and supply the plants with usable nitrogen.