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The genus Piper (Piperaceae) is largely distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.
Bats from the genus Carollia are known to have a mutualist association with plants of the genus Piper.
Four predictions were proposed: 1) Carollia has preferences for plants of the genus Piper, 2) Piper and other plants are eaten in similar proportions by other frugivores, 3) similarities in bat morphology are reflected in their diet preferences, and 4) Carollia populations are philopatric, in accordance with pipilongo availability.
perspicillata consumed arthropods and three additional species of plants, two of which belong to the genus Piper.
The former genera Ottonia and Pothomorphe are now recognized as members of the genus Piper and are the most represented member of the Piperaceae family with approximately 1400 species.
There are an estimated 700 species of the Piperaceae family in Brazil, 265 are related to genus Piper (Guimaraes & Moneteiro 2006).
Literature sources on the genus Piper shows high variability in the chemical composition of species with active essential oils.
The genus Piper was most commonly found (55%), while Vismia was a distant second (8.
Seeds from the genus Piper appeared six times more frequently in feces than Vismia, the next most common plant genus.
Plants of the genus Piper have been valued for their organoleptic, medicinal and pesticidal properties.