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type genus of the Muridae: common house mice

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More recent morphological analyses of both species of the genus Mus from Slovakia were noted in our previous papers (Canady et al.
Ambiguity in the determination of species of the genus Mus by somatic characteristics (Macholan 1996a, b, Canady et al.
Similarly, Macholan & Vohralik (1997) confirmed the species status of mice skulls of the genus Mus from Albania and northwestern Greece deposited in the collections of Charles University and the National Museum in Prague.
Later, the same author (Macholan 1996b, 2006), using a detailed morphometric analysis of the genus Mus, confirmed that the zygomatic index, despite the distinction between the species, is not necessarily credible for overlapping values.
1990: Morphometric stepwise discriminant analysis of the five genetically determined European taxa of the genus Mus. Biol.
2006: A geometric morphometric analysis of the shape of the first upper molar in mice of the genus Mus (Muridae, Rodentia).