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While polyploid plants have been created in the genus Lilium (Liu et al., 2011), there are no published reports for inducing polyploidy in L.
Garden lilies, botanically in the genus Lilium, grow from bulbs.
The genus Lilium is one of over 250 genera in the family Liliaceae.
The bulbs of the genus Lilium are what is known as "true bulbs." They are characterized by individual bulb scales, usually relatively widely spaced, that are not enclosed by a tunic.
Wilson Award for contributions towards breeding the genus Lilium.
There are many types of lilies (in the genus Lilium, grown from bulbs -- not to be confused with day lily, voodoo lily, toad lily, waterlily or a host of other plants that have lily as part of their common names).
An online Internet dictionary defines "society" as: "An organization or association of persons engaged in a common profession, activity, or interest." Which is exactly what the Manitoba Regional Lily Society (MRLS) is: a group of individuals from every walk of life, all with a common interest in the only "true lily"--all lilies that belong to the genus Lilium.
Day lilies (in the genus Hemerocallis, not to be confused with true lilies, which are in the genus Lilium) are also a good choice for planting along a street or sidewalk where de-icing salts are used in winter.
Hillcrest Harmony Flowers, another commercial lily site, also has an excellent article on pests and diseases in the genus Lilium. Check the site run by Diann Putland of Churchbridge, Saskatchewan at: