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Members of the genus Latrodectus are notoriously difficult to identify, but confirmation was possible in the case of L.
According to Levi (1959) there are at last three species of the genus Latrodectus recorded from Brazil: L.
The neurotoxic spiders belong to the genus Latrodectus (button or widow spiders) and the cytotoxic spiders are represented chiefly by the genera Cheiracanthium (sac spiders) and Loxosceles (violin or recluse spiders).
THE red-back is part of the genus Latrodectus, the same family of spiders as the American black widow, although the red-back is more poisonous.
This includes other large orb weavers (e.g., genus Araneus) in the family Araneidae, black widow spiders (genus Latrodectus) in the family Theridiidae, and certain closely related crab spiders (genera Misumena, Misumenoides, and Misumenops) in the family Thomisidae.