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The genus Lasiurus comprises between 15-17 species of aerial insectivores distributed along North and South America (Simmons 2005, Gardner & Handley 2008).
In order to clarify the distribution of genus Lasiurus and to address the debate on the presence of L.
We reviewed 49 specimens of genus Lasiurus from the collections of the Instituto de Ciencias Naturales (ICN), Bogota; the Instituto Alexander von Humboldt, (IAvH), Villa de Leyva; the Coleccion Zoologica, Universidad de Tolima (CZUT), Ibague; and the Museo de Historia Natural de la Universidad del Cauca (MHNUC), Popayan.
The western yellow bat shares the characteristic higher frequency, steeper call signature shared among tree-roosting bats in the genus Lasiurus; however, the different species calls each occupy different frequency bands (O'Farrell et al., 2000).
Bats of the genus Lasiurus roost primarily in the foliage of trees (Constantine, 1958).
Although most bats in the genus Lasiurus are solitary, many of the specimens from Nueces County were found roosting with Lasiurus intermedius.