genus Helianthus

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genus of tall erect or branched American annual or perennial herbs with showy flowers: sunflowers

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The Genus Helianthus, is named from Greek where 'helios' means 'Sun', 'anthus' means 'flower'.
These results suggest that these members of the genus Helianthus are facultative mycotrophs (Allen 1991).
THE GENUS Helianthus consists of 49 species, i.e., 13 annual and 36 perennials with different ploidy levels (Schilling and Heiser, 1981).
Wide crosses in the genus Helianthus as a source to improve the genetic basis for disease resistance in sunflower, p.
Sunflowers are of the genus Helianthus, coming from the Greek words helios - sun, and anthos - flower.