genus Haliotis

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type genus of the family Haliotidae

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This included one species of Patellogastropoda, 13 species of Vetigastropoda, 12 of which are in the genus Haliotis, one species of Caenogastropoda that is also in the Neogastropoda, and one species in the Heterobranchia.
Most of the lecithotrophic species with enough data to include in this review were vetigastropods, primarily in the genus Haliotis (37 of 48 studies).
The genus Haliotis offers several advantages as a taxon for studying the comparative energetics of lecithotrophic development among closely related species.
Biological studies on the propagation of Japanese abalone (genus Haliotis).
Studies of southern Australian abalone (genus Haliotis) II: reproduction of five species.
Technical study on artificial spawning of abalone, genus Haliotis: duration of fertility related to temperature.
Technical study on artificial spawning of abalone, genus Haliotis: relation between water temperature and advancing sexual maturity of Haliotis discus discus Reeve.
Linkage maps for the Pacific abalone (genus Haliotis) based on microsateltite DNA markers.
Studies of southern Australian abalone (genus Haliotis) VI: habitat preference, abundance, and predators of juveniles.
Abalone are marine gastropods belonging to the genus Haliotis, with approximately 100 species found worldwide (Hahn 1989).
Reproductive biology: identifying spawning cycles in the genus Haliotis. Tech.
Although affected by great uncertainty, this value constitutes a unique estimate of larval survival for the genus Haliotis in a natural environment.