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herbs and shrubs and small trees: cotton

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Cotton is the purest form of cellulose found in nature, is the seed hair of plants of the genus gossypium. [1] Cellulose is the most common organic compound on Earth.
The genus Gossypium of the Malvaceae (mallow family) comprises 45 diploid and at least of 5 tetraploids species (Fryxell, 1992).
It consists of the very long seed hairs of almost pure cellulose growing from the seeds of several tropical species of the genus Gossypium (Malvaceae).
The genus Gossypium consists of about 50 species with a pantropical distribution.
Cotton plant belongs to the genus Gossypium" in the family of Malvaceae." The fiber is almost pure cellulose.
Cotton belongs to genus Gossypium, which is comprised of more than 50 species including wild as well as cultivated.
Symptomatic/ non-symtomatic wild and cultivated species of genus Gossypium collected from Central
FOUR SPECIES of the genus Gossypium provide most of the world's textile fiber and are important sources of oil and cottonseed meal.
The malvaceous tribe Gossypieae Alefeld, which includes cotton (genus Gossypium), has distinctive lysigenous glands containing terpenoid aldehydes (TAs) in vegetative and reproductive plant parts that uniquely delineate the tribe (Fryxell, 1979).