genus Echinacea

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small genus of North American coarse perennial herbs

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A taxonomic revision of the genus Echinacea (Heliantheae: Asteraceae).
Integrating recent knowledge about the genus Echinacea: morphology, molecular systematics, phytochemistry.
Indena set out to collect some seeds of the genus Echinacea angustifolia in various areas where the plant was growing spontaneously.
Echinacea: The Genus Echinacea Sandra Carol Miller, He-ci Yu, eds.
Botanical extracts from plants of the genus Echinacea are among the most widely used herbal medicines throughout Europe and North America and are most commonly used for the prevention or treatment of URIs.
Buck, a University of Tulsa botanist and a founder of the Oklahoma Native Plant Society, had heard medicinal plant gatherers were invading Bartlesvil- le-area fields in search of purple coneflowers, one of nine members of the genus Echinacea. But he wasn't prepared for what he saw.