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This species also has a commercial interest in the Amazon, being the main species of the genus Dioscorea sold in local markets (Lin Chau Ming, personal communication), such as the two accessions of the Amazon evaluated in this study.
Until relatively recently, 95% of all steroids were obtained from extracts of neotropical yams of the genus Dioscorea.
Dioscorea abyssinica, belongs to the family Dioscoreaceae and the genus Dioscorea, is a climber plant twining to the right, with an herbaceous stem and a large tuber [5, 6].
Yam, a member of genus Dioscorea spp is the most important staple food in West Africa after cereals [1].
Yam belongs to the genus Dioscorea (Family Dioscoreaceae) and is the second most important tropical root crop in West Africa, next to cassava, [1].