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The genus Cladonia includes more than 450 species worldwide (Litterski & Ahti 2004, Pino-Bodas et al.
The Hypotrachyna flora of this area consists of a few widespread species, and in the genus Cladonia different species groups are developed; for example, the C.
A contribution to the lichen genus Cladonia in Greenland and new records from other northern regions.
As a result of some field surveys mainly in the south of the territory several species of the genus Cladonia were collected.
New data on nomenclature, taxonomy and distribution of some species of the lichen genus Cladonia
Additions to the knowledge of the genus Cladonia (Cladoniaceae, lichenized Ascomycotina) in the alpine belt of the Pyrenees in Andorra.
Morphological data and distribution of the genus Cladonia in the Iberian Peninsula.