genus Carcharhinus

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Sharks in the genus Carcharhinus are difficult to identify; we believe that these difficulties were likely more pronounced during the early years of the observer program before both observers and observer trainers gained experience with the variety of shark species encountered by this fishery.
Identifying isolated shark teeth of the Genus Carcharhinus to species: relevance for tracking phyletic change through the fossil record.
This is the type of reproduction found in many of the sharks of the genus Carcharhinus, some hammerheads (Sphyrna mokarran Ruppell, 1837 and S.
Because of morphological similarities between a number of shark species in the genus Carcharhinus (Last and Stevens, 1994; Naylor and Marcus, 1994), taxonomic identification to species level has been difficult or inaccurate (or both)(Stevens and Wayte (2)).
Sharks of the genus Carcharhinus landed by recreational fisheries and caught in NSW beach meshing were identified to species level by using morphometric taxonomic guides and dentition identification (Cliff and Wilson, 1994; Last and Stevens, 1994; Naylor and Marcus, 1994).
Sharks in the genus Carcharhinus were (and remain) the most difficult to identify.