genus Canis

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type genus of the Canidae: domestic and wild dogs

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The canine is slightly mediolaterally compressed with a medial ridge that is situated from the tip of the tooth down to just above the base of the enamel, which is typical of the genus Canis. The canine possesses wear on the tip of the tooth and along one-half of the upper posterior margins.
(Babies raised around pet boa constrictors were most often "lost to follow-up.") However, the babies raised around multiple members of the genus Canis were more likely to bury their pacifiers in the backyard and to grow up to found giant European city-state empires.
Ecology of helminth infections in the genus Canis. Pages 730-759 in Proceedings of the Worldwide Furbearer Conference, J.
She lives in Southern New Mexico where she writes about environmental and animal issues, particularly concerning the genus Canis.