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Limited genetic structure of Gulf Menhaden (Brevoortia patronus), as revealed by microsatellite markers developed for the genus Brevoortia (Clupeidae).
A major downfall of these studies has been a paucity of adequate gene loci developed for the genus Brevoortia, and this has ultimately resulted in limited resolution in addressing population structure and hybridization among Brevoortia congeners in the Gulf of Mexico (Anderson, 2007; Anderson and Karel, 2007; Anderson and McDonald, 2007).
This study attempts to address the lack of adequate genetic loci for the genus Brevoortia generally and for Gulf Menhaden in particular.
The genus Brevoortia is one in which previous studies have been hindered by loci that lacked adequate genetic variability (Anderson, 2007; Anderson and Karel, 2007; although, see Lynch et al.
Both dorsal and ventral notochord tip pigment, which are diagnostic for the genus Brevoortia (Fig.
We still do not know of characters that would distinguish finescale menhaden eggs, and yolksac, preflexion, and flexion larvae from other species in the genus Brevoortia.