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The genus Baccharis L., with over 500 species throughout the world, is the most numerous in the Asteraceae family, with geographical distribution restricted to the Americas, from Canada to south Argentina and Chile (Fielding 2001: Abad and Bermejo, 2007).
Biologically active substances from the genus Baccharis L.
The genus Baccharis produces exudates that attract a variety of flying insects (Boldt et al., 1988; Boldt and Robbins, 1990) and these substances occur naturally in the plant or its production is stimulated by insect injured leaves, stems or other plant parts.
Spathulenol appear to be a widespread compound in the essential oils from plants of the genus Baccharis. Our findings corroborate the presence of 41 compounds previously reported (Albuquerque et al., 2004; Sobrinho et al., 2016; Rojas et al., 2008) indicated by asterisks and bullets in table 1, whereas 227 constituents are newly reported in the composition of oils from Baccharis trinervis.
The genus Baccharis belongs to the subtribe Baccharidinae, which is restricted to the American Continent (Barroso 1976).