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Molecular diversity of the 5S rRNA gene and genomic relationships in genus Avena (Poaceae: Aveneae).
The use of double in-situ hybridization to physically map the positions of 5S rDNA genes in relation to the chromosomal location of 18S-5.8S-26S rDNA and a C genome specific DNA sequence in the genus Avena. Genome 39:535-542.
Organization of repeated sequences in species of the genus Avena. Theor.
Rajhathy and Thomas (1.974) suggested that chromosomal translocations were the principal differentiating mechanism operating in the genus Avena. Homozygous intergenomic translocations occurred frequently within the cultivated hexaploid gene pool (Singh and Kolb, 1991; Chen and Armstrong, 1994; Jellen et al., 1996) and probably played a role in the identification of 38, rather than the expected 21, linkage groups in the RFLP-based map of hexaploid oat (O'Donoughue et al., 1995).
The large number of structural rearrangements being identified in the genus Avena is of great interest.