genus Australopithecus

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They were members of the genus Australopithecus. That's the genus of 'Lucy', the 3.2 million-year-old human ancestor whose fossilised bones were discovered in Ethiopia in 1974.
The studies refer to pre-humans, species that predate ( early humans like those belonging to the genus Australopithecus. The pre-human species, such as Graecopithecus, split from the common ancestor we had with chimpanzees, and later evolved into Australopithecus.
The skeletal remains display a novel mix of humanlike features and more apelike traits characteristic of 2-million- to 4-million-year-old hominids from the genus Australopithecus, the researchers report September 10 in eLife.
Ardi lived a million years before the famous Lucy, the previous earliest skeleton of a hominid who was also found in Ethiopia's Afar region, and was of the more human-like genus Australopithecus. The first fossilized and crushed bones of Ardi were found in 1992 in the Great Rift Valley in northeastern Ethiopia of Afar region.But it has taken an international team of 47 scientists 17 years to piece together the skeleton which comprises 125 pieces.
Lucy, whose partial skeleton was discovered 20 years earlier just 45 miles away, thrived a million years after Ardi and was of the more human-like genus Australopithecus.