genus Aspergillus

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genus of common molds causing food spoilage and some pathogenic to plants and animals

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In the present study, among the six fungal pathogens from the dumping yard leachate, four belonged to genus Aspergillus.
Filamentous fungi belonging to the genus Aspergillus have been widely used to produce mannanase [14,19-23].
The genus Aspergillus includes several species of outstanding biotechnological importance (Meyer 2008, Ward et al.
The genus Aspergillus includes >250 species; [approximately equal to] 20 have been reported to cause opportunistic infections in humans.
The predominant fungal species identified from decomposing mangrove leaves were belonging to the genus Aspergillus.
The anamorph showed the characteristics of the genus Aspergillus Micheli ex Link.
The major manifestations of infection caused by species of the genus Aspergillus are allergic reactions, colonization, and fungal invasion.
fungi of the genera Acremonium and Trichoderma were resistant to passage through the sea cucumbers, whereas fungi of the genus Aspergillus were not found in feces of these animals.
In the absence of vegetation, GFOS was dominated by the genus Aspergillus but, under litter, the number of genera increased and Penicillium spp.
Fungal cultures showed the presence of septate hyphae, foot cell, vesicle and metullae under microscope were placed in genus Aspergillus.
The Genus Aspergillus The Williams and Wilkins Co Baltimore USA, 1-686.
Genus Aspergillus (n=7) was most recorded while Histoplasma (n=1) and Trichophyton (n=1) were least recorded genera.
The genus Aspergillus, comprising of more than 180 species, is economically the most important group of filamentous fungi.