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It's the green anole, Anolis carolinensis--one of 3,000 species of lizards worldwide, the northernmost of 200 lizards attached to the genus Anolis, and denizen exclusively of the southeastern United States, from southern Virginia to Florida and west to eastern Texas.
Some niche differences in three Lesser Antillean lizards of the genus Anolis.
The speciation mechanism depicted in Figure 11 is virtually the same as the models proposed for the origin and radiation of a number of species including the Darwin's Finches (subfamily Geospizinae) of the Galapagos islands (Lack 1945, 1947; Hamilton and Rubinoff 1963; Grant 1981, 1984), the origin of species in the lizard genus Anolis from Puerto Rico (Williams 1972) and several Pacific island bird radiations (Diamond 1977).