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When the reader was brought back to the Genus office, it caused quite a buzz, not just for its distinctive vintage features but also its history and the origins of this piece.
This is the beginning of the Smart Meter era in the country and being part of this order will enhance the brand value of Genus.
By accepting a new genus Magallana [type species Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg, 1793)] for a clade of Pacific Crassostrea, and by rejecting the genus Talonostrea (Li and Qi, 1994) [type species Talonostrea talonata (Li and Qi, 1994)] for the Pacific sister clade Magallana, WoRMS has effectively rendered the (Atlantic) genus Crassostrea paraphyletic.
Genus creates advances to animal breeding and genetic improvement by applying biotechnology and sells added value products for livestock farming and food producers.
trehernei from the genus Thrips, one species Chirothrips meridionalis from the genus Chirothrips, two species Megalurothrips usitatus and M.
Genus said it expects to acquire the remaining 49% of IVB's share capital in the first half of 2018 by exercising a call option.
The main focus of this paper is the derivation of a quadratic-time algorithm for the genus distribution of any 3-regular, biconnected series-parallel graph.
It is then natural to define the genus of partitions by considering permutations whose cycles may be written as lists of elements in increasing order and to consider partitions of genus 1 trying to prove properties for them similar to those of noncrossing ones.
Subsequent models of 1050 cases revealed further associations with reproductive disease, hepatic disease, and myocardial fibrosis, controlling for age, sex, and genus.
Marsh (1993) established the genus Rhoptocentroides to include R.
Washington, October 24 ( ANI ): Lady Gaga is being honoured with the name of a new genus of ferns found in Central and South America, Mexico, Arizona and Texas.
The new ones are Choranthias for the sister species salmopunctatus and tenuis, which had been in the genus Anthias; and Baldwinella for the species Hemanthias aureorubens, H.
The frogs belong to the genus Paedophryne, all of whose species are extremely small, with adults of the two new species -- named Paedophryne dekot and Paedophryne verrucosa -- only 8-9 mm in length.
The second symposium, "Evolution in the genus Carex and tribe Cariceae: New ideas from new phylogenies," organized by Matthias Hendrichs, Julian R.