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Synonyms for genuineness

the quality of being authentic

Synonyms for genuineness

the state of being genuine

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There really was a genuineness in the poor fellow, and a contrast between the hardness of his hat and the softness of his heart
I suppose,' said he, with a gleam of hope, 'there's no doubt about the genuineness and date of this confounded will?
Lecount could throw an instant's doubt on the genuineness of the neuralgic attack, her master's fidgety sympathy declared itself exactly as the captain had anticipated, in the most active manifestations.
But whether the duke owed the general respect he enjoyed to the genuineness of his pedigree or to the fact that he owned a vast amount of very valuable property was a point about which Mr.
Glenarm's belief in the genuineness of her lover's defense had been shaken.
But he is not convinced of its genuineness as the two have been at loggerheads with each other over last year's presidential election.
In less than a year they should be able to create security holograms that will consistently apply latest origination features, can be used for easy identification of genuineness, and look great.
A former Delhi Police Commissioner, Neeraj Kumar remarked that Khan's arrest disproved doubts on the genuineness of Batla encounter, "Ariz Khan was the terrorist who was at the spot during Batla encounter but who managed to escape.
The registered tour operators would make scrutiny to check genuineness of tourists, he added.
I spent a lot of time with players at the end of that (2015) season and I thought what was really needed was a kind of leadership that leads with a genuineness, a real genuineness," Lurie said.
According to a notification issued by the IG office, Additional IG CTD Sanaullah Niazi, DIG East Sultan Ali Khawaja and DIG South Azad Khan have been asked to conduct an inquiry to assess and conduct the genuineness of the encounter by Malir police and to dig out the profile of the deceased.
Some of the facts that ought to be verified are the contestants' criminal records, genuineness of degrees, tax payment, wealth assessment, bank defaults, failure to pay utility bills and dual nationality.
He said the notes were sent to the Aflao Branch of the Ghana Commercial Bank to check on their genuineness, and added that checks by the bank revealed that the notes were all fake.
The extended verification facility, which would be available within a fortnight, would combine all existing and future verification services in one place on the FBR's website and all the taxpayers would be able to check the genuineness of all correspondence with the board.
Four of the men called the Indian gold merchant twice to sell him gold bars before the deal was called off after the merchant demanded that he wanted to check the genuineness and quality of the bars.