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Synonyms for genuflect

bend the knees and bow in church or before a religious superior or image

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bend the knees and bow in a servile manner


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There was a bit too much bobbing and curtseying rather than drilled genuflecting one would have expected.
Carrying candle or cross, walking next to the priest down the center aisle, standing, genuflecting, standing, kneeling, singing, walking.
They spend all their time politicking and stabbing each other in the back or genuflecting to the rich and powerful.
I grew up genuflecting in front of the Death Star," says Hesse, referring to the spherical blue logo of the parent company of AT & T Wireless, where he served as CEO for three years.
Every year I'd have to go through this genuflecting about why we're not generating more revenue," said Dr.
She does so by pursuing casual sex, genuflecting to the Playboy bunny talisman and generally advancing herself by self-proclaimed sexualisation.
Eason's comment cost him his job--and no genuflecting to the god of disclaimers and apologies could save it.
Although she should be commended for being successful, black Republicans and the media need to recognize the days of genuflecting are long gone just because we have the same skin color.
too busy genuflecting before an image of the sublime and
As a matter of interest, if any of you chaps get to meet the Queen, it's not necessary to be quite so humble when genuflecting.
And I remember, as a child, feeling great awe when genuflecting before the candle-lit altar in our neighborhood church.
Genuflecting to public opinion while juggling new strategies worked.
And yet many of these same people would look askance if it were suggested that they should recognise the presence of Christ the King in church by bowing to the altar, the throne of God, or genuflecting to the Real Presence of Christ that is there in the Blessed Sacrament,' he said.
This should have been a time of day for some serious imbibing ahead of the England-New Zealand ding-dong at Twickers, but apart from the Renault Espace classes making their way to the home of rugger, the rest of us will now have to be glued to the box genuflecting in front of footballers with names like Hakan Mild.
Genuflecting to Jean-Pierre Melville, Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino, Italian director Claudio Caligari has cooked up a crime thriller almost entirely devoid of original ideas.