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Synonyms for genuflect

bend the knees and bow in church or before a religious superior or image

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bend the knees and bow in a servile manner


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who is consistently identified in press accounts as a hard-line critic of Mexico, also genuflected before the Mexican ruler: "I think he's a great leader.
It was a shock for me when, as a young man, I walked into such a church one Sunday to find kneeling benches, clergy who genuflected and kneeled during prayers, and a service that seemed more "Anglican" than the simple and straightforward form of worship to which I had grown accustomed.
He genuflected at the altar of the private sector, never explaining how corporations can solve the problems of health care, the environment, the crisis of the inner city, the unjustness of our economy when, in fact, they helped create these problems in the first place.
Wrapped in a robe with white feathers that resembled an angel's wings, Osmond genuflected and reached out her right hand as she sang the song amid a starry backdrop.
Regrettably, the BBC genuflected in the direction of these intolerant fools and Heather of the M People group was first to be told on Sunday that she was in the next round, as if this proved anything.
70sec solo spin was more than satisfactory, particularly given the fact that he genuflected slightly on leaving traps.
Our priest likes to tell about the time (many years back) when a group of boys from the parish went to the movie theatre and solemnly genuflected before entering their row of seats.
Babushkas in headscarfs genuflected and Cossacks in uniform strutted, as the limousines swept into a monastery that was returned to the church in the millennium year, only five years ago.
Genuflecting had evolved into a sort of moving dip, except for those who genuflected and made the Sign of the Cross three times on the way to the pew.
He genuflected at the first fence but otherwise he jumped well.
He genuflected before saying: ""I bet OBE stands for Old Bald 'Ead.
And Arthur Tithering-ton, chairman of the Japanese Labour Camps Survivors' Association, said: "If anything, he should have genuflected in front of her.