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a woman of refinement

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I was then in a sad condition indeed, for as there is no great bustle in putting an end to a poor body's family when once they are carried to the grave, so the poor good woman being buried, the parish children she kept were immediately removed by the church-wardens; the school was at an end, and the children of it had no more to do but just stay at home till they were sent somewhere else; and as for what she left, her daughter, a married woman with six or seven children, came and swept it all away at once, and removing the goods, they had no more to say to me than to jest with me, and tell me that the little gentlewoman might set up for herself if she pleased.
I was frighted out of my wits almost, and knew not what to do, for I was, as it were, turned out of doors to the wide world, and that which was still worse, the old honest woman had two-and- twenty shillings of mine in her hand, which was all the estate the little gentlewoman had in the world; and when I asked the daughter for it, she huffed me and laughed at me, and told me she had nothing to do with it.
Now was I a poor gentlewoman indeed, and I was just that very night to be turned into the wide world; for the daughter removed all the goods, and I had not so much as a lodging to go to, or a bit of bread to eat.
I was no sooner carried away, as I have said, by this good gentlewoman, but the first lady, that is to say, the Mayoress that was, sent her two daughters to take care of me; and another family which had taken notice of me when I was the little gentlewoman, and had given me work to do, sent for me after her, so that I was mightily made of, as we say; nay, and they were not a little angry, especially madam the Mayoress, that her friend had taken me away from her, as she called it; for, as she said, I was hers by right, she having been the first that took any notice of me.
By this means I had, as I have said above, all the advantages of education that I could have had if I had been as much a gentlewoman as they were with whom I lived; and in some things I had the advantage of my ladies, though they were my superiors; but they were all the gifts of nature, and which all their fortunes could not furnish.
A gentlewoman demonstrated the severity of her case by failing to adhere to the expectation for a woman of her rank by "stomping, thrashing, and raving," whereas a man contradicted his practitioner and demanded treatment, raising the question of whether female patients were more limited in negotiating with male physicians (41-42).
Gareth admires the gentlewoman, who is determined to hold on to her family home and give her young sister a better future.
Music, sports, and religion were simple necessities, the normal life of every student in school, and an important part of being educated as a complete human being, a gentleman or gentlewoman.
USING his native Welsh accent, Trystan Gravelle co-stars in this thrilling Jacobean revenge tragedy making a perfect foil for Hattie Morahan as an innocent gentlewoman turned demonic by love.
Lady Anne Drury was an early seventeenth-century English gentlewoman who installed in her country house a decorated 'closet', or a small chamber decorated with painted panels.
Miss Bates and her mother have no one; in fact, their niece and granddaughter, Jane Fairfax, prepares herself to become a governess, the one profession open to a destitute gentlewoman.
The burgeoning Bard (Tom Bateman) is young, broke and has writer's block -- until he meets adventurous gentlewoman Viola de Lesseps (Lucy Briggs-Owen).
of Kaspar's panels (with their Duchamp lip-service series title, "Stripped Bare") are simply distilled versions of spreads from the London-based lifestyle magazine The Gentlewoman.