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befitting a man of good breeding


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The mayor also, who was a friend of Miss Wright's, was of the party; he is a pleasing gentlemanlike man, and seems strangely misplaced in a little town on the Mississippi.
This is a concept which connects gentlemanlike behaviour with style and grace, a kind of formal quality, which expresses its perfection by its outward look.
Perry was an intelligent, gentlemanlike man, whose frequent visits were one of the comforts of Mr.
On sait tres peu de choses sur les sujets dont ils ont discute, mais on sait que Disraeli a decrit son visiteur comme un gentilhomme, charmant et fort intelligent; un homme remarquable (<< gentlemanlike, agreeable and very intelligent; a considerable man >>).
He is forced to argue with himself whether he is all politeness" (23) or needs to behave in a more gentlemanlike manner" (182).
How euerBut I warrant you Will Kemp was wise enough: to their full cups, kinde tank was my returne, with Gentlemanlike protestations: as truely sir, I dare not: it stands not with congruitie of my health.
He is forced to argue with himself whether he is "all politeness" 21 or needs to behave "in a more gentlemanlike manner".
And, according to Irving (1820/1966), "The schoolmaster is generally a man of some importance in the female circle of a rural neighborhood; being considered a kind of idle gentlemanlike personage, of vastly superior taste and accomplishments to the rough country swains" (10).
Ionescu Tulcea was master of his subject, the presentation had a natural course, all details were explained patiently with a smile and goodwill, in a gentlemanlike style.
In the old days, the game of cricket was a slow contest where men wore white flannels and everything was considered to be gentlemanlike.
In one of Jane's few remaining letters she described him as a "very gentlemanlike, good-looking, pleasant young man.
She does so in the company of relatives including her uncle, Mr Gardiner, who is described as so gentlemanlike that any lady 'would have had difficulty in believing that a man who lived by trade, and within view of his own warehouses, could have been so well bred and agreeable.
He moved a few steps nearer, and those few steps were enough to prove in how gentlemanlike a manner, with what natural grace, he must have danced, would he but take the trouble .
The Embassies of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka took each other on in the most gentlemanlike of games and the teams were also the first ones who got the opportunity to try the brand new combined cricket/soccer field in Sigtun, on 9th June.
17) He several times recounts that he refused to drink with his well-wishers: 'to their ful cups, kinde thanks was my returne, with Gentlemanlike protestations: as, truly sir, I dare not: it stands not with the congruity of my health' (6).